Repair Your Tub Drain with No Hassle, No Prep Work

Repair Your Tub Drain with No Hassle, No Prep Work

If you have been wanting to update your bathtub drain stopper, there are simple solutions with modern tub repair and replacement parts that are super easy to install. Watco is a name known and trusted by professional plumbers and experienced do-it-yourselfers because of their high quality product line with easy installation. With innovative Watco tub repair parts, you can repair your tub drain with no hassle, no prep work, and no need to remove your existing drain. 

Install Watco Tub Stopper Over Existing Drain

The Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a revolutionary tub stopper replacement that installs right over existing bathtub drains alleviating the hassle of removing your current drain.  One of the best things about this modern bathtub stopper is that you can install it over your existing tub drain even if your drain has broken crossbars. 

The Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is a push pull bathtub stopper that comes with two different installation methods; a reversible pin with 3/8-in or 5/16-in threads to fit the most common bathtub drains, or a silicone adhesive to install over your drain if your crossbars are missing. If you need a new tub stopper and your crossbars are corroded, consider this easy fix to install a brand-new, beautiful bathtub stopper that includes a mesh grid drain cover to catch hair and protect your drain by preventing foreign objects from falling in the drain. 

With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix bathtub stopper from Watco, there is no need to measure your drain for the right depth, to get the dimensions or figure out how to remove it. This innovative tub stopper replacement couldn’t be easier to install and comes with a 5-year limited warranty, backed by the Watco name.

Features and Benefits of the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix

The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is one of the most hassle free tub stopper replacements on the market with many features and benefits including:

  • No prep needed, no hassle
  • Universal fit for almost any bathtub
  • Simple installation in less than five minutes
  • Comes with a mesh grid drain cover to protect drain
  • Includes reversible composite pin or silicone for guaranteed installation
  • Trim kit available with matching bathtub overflow plate 
  • Available in different beautiful finish options

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your bathtub drain with a nice, new stopper, try the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix today and renovate your bathtub in a matter of minutes. is your one stop for the Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, available in different finish options with a matching overflow plate. Check out the simple to follow video instructions to show you how to remove your existing tub stopper and easily install this Watco tub stopper replacement. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix allows for a quick and simple bathtub upgrade with no hassle, and no prep work required.

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