How to Fix a Drain Stopper provides simple to follow instructional videos on how to fix a drain stopper, how to remove your old stopper, and replace it with a shiny new tub stopper, in under 5 minutes.  The Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix stopper fits right over your existing drain with no prepwork, no hassle, no mess.  

How to Fix a Drain Stopper for Tub or Lavatory

The Watco IdealLav™ is the simplest solution to quickly fix a drain stopper in a lavatory.  Just drop the IdealLav™ right down into the sink drain for quick drain repair, replacement or upgrade.  Check out our videos for more information or call to speak with a tub drain specialist to learn more about how to fix a drain stopper with the simplest solution. offers quick, no mess, easy to follow solutions for repairing, replacing or upgrading your tub or lavatory drains.  Both SimpliQuick® Tub Fix and IdealLav™ contain a mesh grid to catch hair and foreign debris from entering the drain.  Your satisfaction is paramount, please contact us today with any questions on how to fix a drain stopper.

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