How to Fix a Tub Drain Stopper shows you how to fix a tub drain stopper, how to remove your old stopper and replace it with the simplest tub fix solution.  We want to help you fix your tub drain and stopper problem with a shiny new bathtub stopper which installs in less than 5 minutes. SimpliQuick® Tub Fix fits right over your existing drain so there is no need to remove your old drain. 

The universal fit makes it an ideal fix for almost any tub drain with no time-consuming prep work, no mess and no need to call a plumber.  We give you everything you need with free, easy to follow instructional videos and quality Watco tub drain and stopper products.  The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution easily replaces the most common types of bathtub stoppers including:

  • Toe-touch
  • Push-pull
  • Lift and turn
  • Tip
  • Flip-it
  • Pop-up
  • Plunger style

We show you step-by-step instructions on how to remove these most common types of tub stoppers and how to fix a tub drain stopper with the quickest, simplest tub fix solution.


How to Fix a Tub Drain Stopper Without Removing Your Drain

We show you how to fix a tub drain stopper without removing your existing drain.  Due to the revolutionary design, SimpliQuick® Tub Fix fits right over your existing drain with easy installation. No need to figure out the correct drain diameter, thread count or depth of your existing drain. No need to worry about replacing broken cross bars, by using the silicone adhesive, or how to remove that broken, old tub drain.  Transform your bathtub drain in three easy steps and enjoy a beautiful, shiny new tub drain with a functional grid mesh to catch hair and debris.

SimpliQuick® Tub Fix comes in a variety of finishes to match any décor and spruce up the look of your tub. Choose from chrome plated, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze. Consider adding  a matching overflow plate for a complete, polished look. gives you the quickest and easiest solution when repairing, replacing or upgrading your tub drain and stopper.  SimpliQuick® Tub Fix transforms your tub with a beautiful, shiny new drain in under 5 minutes.  Contact us to learn more about our tub fix solution and for additional assistance on how to fix a tub drain stopper.



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