What Is An Overflow Drain Used For In A Bathtub?

A bathtub overflow drain is a second pipe that will drain water out of the bathtub in case it accidentally fills too full to prevent overflowing. The overflow drain is typically located behind the tub and accessed through the overflow plate found directly above the main drain and underneath the faucets. The overflow drain provides an important function, and replacing your overflow plate and checking your overflow drain from time to time is a good idea.

Bathtub Overflow Drain Prevents Disaster,

A bathtub overflow drain collects any excess water and diverts it down the overflow pipe before it flows out over the edges of the bathtub and floods the bathroom. This is the main purpose of an overflow drain which can prevent very costly repairs caused by water damage. How many times do you start to fill up the bathtub and walk away to do something else while it’s filling with nice hot water? Usually, we get back to the tub before it overflows but every once in a while, running bathtub water is forgotten for a bit too long. When this happens, a bathtub overflow drain prevents messy and expensive disasters. Water damage causes damage to flooring, including the subfloor, and baseboards, and can ruin and vanity. Even if you get the water cleaned up, damage to flooring and furnishings can already occur. All of this dampness can lead to mold that can start to grow in hidden areas. It could happen where a clog in the overflow drain or the main drain could cause it to not work properly. An overflow drain is a critical part of any bathtub with a very important function, but it may not prevent overflowing in case of a clog.

Maintain Your Overflow Drain and Plate Cover

It is important to maintain your overflow drain and your overflow plate. If the holes on the bottom get all gummed up and prevent water from flowing freely into the overflow tube when needed, this could be a big problem. If it’s time to replace your overflow plate, one of the easiest to install is made by Watco. Watco’s Innovator® Snap-On overflow plate gives a fresh, clean look to your bathtub. If replacing the tub stopper at the same time, you can match the finish on your new tub stopper to the overflow plate. Watco offers replacement tub stoppers and Watco direct drain bathtub waste products. You can get the easiest overflow plate cover to install and other tub fix solutions at FixMyDrain.com

FixMyDrain.com is the premier online distributor for the entire Watco product line, including Watco direct drain bathtub waste products and replacement stoppers. Contact us to learn more about improving the look or function of your bathtub and how to choose and install Watco’s Innovator® Snap-On overflow plate.

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