Dingy Tub Stopper and Drain? Quick Fix to a Shiny Tub

Dingy Tub Stopper and Drain? Quick Fix to a Shiny Tub

Bathtub stoppers and drains don’t last forever, eventually they get dingy, corroded, and wear out. Tub fixtures are often something we don’t think about until they no longer work correctly or they look so bad we cannot ignore them any longer. If you have finally had enough of your dreary-looking bathtub, there is a quick fix to a shiny new tub that you can do yourself in literally just a matter of minutes.

Innovative new bathtub stopper solutions like the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix from Watco give homeowners a quick and easy solution to upgrade their bathtub. This revolutionary push-pull bathtub drain stopper easily replaces corroded, worn-out bathtub stoppers, and the best part is that it installs right over your existing drain. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix provides a universal fit over almost any bathtub drain, even if the crossbars are broken or missing.

SimpliQuick® Tub Fix Installs over Your Current Drain

In the past, installing a tub stopper in a drain without cross bars would require removing the entire bathtub drain body, also called the drain flange, which takes a little more work and requires some elbow grease or a professional plumber. With Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, you can replace your old bathtub stopper with a brand-new shiny stopper that installs right over your tub drain with either a reversible 3/8-in or 5/16-in composite pin if your crossbars are intact or with a silicone adhesive method for drains with missing crossbars.

FixMyDrain.com is your one-stop to get Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution, where you can also find easy-to-follow instructional videos that show you how to identify and remove your current bathtub stopper and quickly install a brand-new tub stopper in minutes, in a variety of beautiful finish options.

Consider installing a matching overflow plate in the same beautiful matching finish, as Watco’s Innovator® Snap-On tub overflow plate is just as easy to install and gives your whole tub a polished look. 

Turn your bathtub from drab to dazzling with Watco’s tub fix solutions and the help of FixMyDrain.com, the premier online retailer for Watco.  We offer quality products and exceptional customer service for your total satisfaction. Contact us with any questions, and stop putting off your bathtub upgrade today with the easiest and quickest tub stopper replacement.

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