How to Remove Tub Drain Stopper shows you the easiest method of how to remove a tub drain stopper with no time-consuming prep work, no mess and no hassle. With the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 with three simple steps to a shiny new tub drain stopper. We’ll show you how to remove that old tub stopper and transform your tub with a shiny new tub drain stopper. 

The first step to a shiny new drain is removing your old tub drain stopper. We show you step-by-step instructional videos on how to remove the most common bathtub stoppers. Once your tub stopper is removed, it’s easy to install the new SimpliQuick® Tub Fix with either a screw in assembly or simply place on top of your old drain with a firm silicone adhesive. No need to remove your old drain and with the silicone installation there is no need to fix or remove broken cross bars in the drain.

How to Remove the Most Common Tub Drain Stoppers

It’s easy to learn how to remove a tub drain stopper once you determine the type of stopper you have.  The following are two removal options of the most common tub drain stoppers with easy removal instructions:

Removal Option #1:

  • Place the bathtub stopper in the closed position.
  • In the event the knob is difficult to turn, you may need to use pliers on the knob while holding on to the stopper base.
  • Then begin removing the bathtub stopper by turning the knob in a counter clock-wise motion. Be sure to hold down the stopper base with your bare hand while you are turning the knob.
  • At this point the stopper should come out of the drain.

Removal Option #2:

  • If the stopper does not come out of the drain look for a set screw underneath the top of the stopper. Loosen the set screw and remove the top of the stopper.
  • Then take a pair of pliers or a flathead screwdriver and remove the stem.
  • In the even the knob comes off, but the stem stays in the drain take a flathead screwdriver and turn counter clock-wise to remove the remaining parts.


No matter what type of tub drain or stopper you have, it has never been easier to replace it with a functional and beautiful new tub drain stopper. is here to help you every step of the way, with easy to follow videos and exceptional customer service to ensure your total satisfaction.  Consider replacing your overflow plate with a shiny new overflow plate in a matching finish. offers the easiest tub fix solution to a shiny new tub drain and stopper that will last for years.  SimpliQuick® Tub Fix by Watco is a trusted name in tub drain products and the number one choice of professionals.  Contact us to learn more about transforming your tub with three simple steps and how to remove a tub drain stopper.

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