Prevent Bathtub Drain Clogs with an Innovative Tub Drain Cover

Prevent Bathtub Drain Clogs with an Innovative Tub Drain Cover

Dealing with clogs in your bathtub drain can be not only annoying, but also potentially disastrous if left untreated. These clogs are often caused by a buildup of hair, pet hair, body oils, and residue from soaps and shampoos. Over time, these substances can create a stubborn and unpleasant blockage in your tub drain.

To prevent clogged tub drains, it's important to avoid pouring anything down the drain other than wastewater from bathing or showering. Your bathtub drain is not designed to handle substances like dirty water from a carpet cleaner or anything containing food particles.

One effective preventive measure is to install a new tub stopper with a drain cover. This simple step can go a long way in keeping hair and foreign particles from entering your drain and causing a clog. Hair, in particular, is a common culprit for tub drain clogs, and a drain cover can prevent strands from combining with soap and residue to form a stubborn and unpleasant blockage. Additionally, a drain cover can catch other items like bath toys, pieces of soap, jewelry, and any other foreign objects that could potentially clog your drain.

Watco's SimpliQuick® Tub Fix White Finish is an excellent solution for protecting your tub drain. It features an easy-to-install, universal, push-pull bathtub stopper that includes a mesh grid drain cover to catch hair and other debris. This product allows you to replace other types of stoppers, such as toe-touch, pop-up, or plunger styles that are operated with a lever in your overflow plate. If you're replacing a plunger or pop-up tub stopper that uses a lever through the overflow plate, Watco also offers the Innovator® Snap-On Bathtub White Finish Overflow Plate Kit. This kit includes a matching overflow plate cover that can be installed in just minutes, providing a complete and polished look to your bathtub upgrade.

At, we make it simple to solve your bathtub drain and tub stopper issues with our quick and easy solutions. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix White Finish and Innovator® Snap-On White Finish Overflow Plate are the perfect bathtub fixtures for upgrading your tub in a matter of minutes. Contact us to help you prevent clogged tub drains and maintain a smoothly running bathtub.

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