How to Fix a Stuck Trip Lever Tub Drain Stopper

How to Fix a Stuck Trip Lever Tub Drain Stopper

Any time you have a bathtub stopper that isn’t working correctly, it is an annoying inconvenience. The problem is typically something simple to fix, although the steps to follow may vary depending on the type of tub stopper currently installed in your bathtub. Some bathtub drains have a push-pull tub stopper over the drain, a lift-and-turn stopper, or a toe-touch stopper that is operated by touching it with your toe to pop up the stopper or push it back down. 

A trip-lever type of tub stopper is operated by a lever that is protruding out of the overflow plate and can be a little trickier than others to fix because of the somewhat complicated mechanism. 

How a Trip-Lever Tub Stopper Works

The lever that sticks out of the overflow plate is what controls the tub stopper in a plunger-style stopper. An indicator that this is the style you have is the lever coming out of the overflow plate and the fact that there is not a stopper over the tub drain, although there should be a mesh grid drain cover to catch hair and debris before entering the drain. The trip lever stopper operates by a weighted plunger at the end of linkage, connected to the lever through the overflow drain, that falls into place when raising the lever or lifts to allow water flow when putting the lever back down. This can also be known as a lift bucket tub stopper. 

They usually work pretty well for a while, maybe even several years, until they don’t. Repairing this type of stopper requires a few more steps than other types of tub stoppers, as you have to remove the overflow plate first, then gently pull out the linkage with the plunger attached. A quick fix may be as simple as cleaning the bucket or adjusting the linkage to drop fully into place. 

If, however, the linkage or the plunger is damaged, it may be best to simply replace it with an easier type of tub stopper to maintain. Installing the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix White Finish from Watco is one of the best solutions to repair or replace a bathtub stopper. The SimpliQuick® Tub Fix White Finish is a push-pull tub stopper that you can install right over your existing drain without removing your current drain body. A mesh grid drain cover is included to help prevent hair and debris from falling into the drain. is your one-stop for the simplest bathtub stopper replacement solution on the market. Here you can find all the resources you need, including videos and excellent customer service. Order a SimpliQuick® Tub Fix White Finish alongside Watco’s Innovator® Snap-On White Finish Overflow Plate for a matching look. Contact us with any questions on the best way to fix your tub stopper.
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