How To Clean Hair Out Of A Bathtub Drain

How To Clean Hair Out Of A Bathtub Drain

Even with the best bathtub stoppers and drain covers, it is inevitable that some hair will find its way down into your bathtub drain. On average, a strand of hair is only .1 millimeter thick, which is very, very thin! Whether you or your family have long hair or short hair, some hair will definitely end up in the drain after a bath or shower, although long, thick hair can clog the drain even faster. When this happens, you might notice that you’re standing in a pool of water every time you shower and the water drains out much slower than it should. This feels like an icky mess when you’re standing in it and can leave the same icky mess on your tub as it slowly drains out. It might be tempting to call a plumber, but there are a few simple things you can do to clean hair out of your bathtub drain without spending any money on a professional plumber.

Easy Tips to Unclog Hair Out Of Your Bathtub Drain

If you’re able to remove your bathtub stopper with a screwdriver, simply take it off and you should see the hair clog underneath. You can find simple instructions and watch this quick video on how to remove the most common types of bathtub stoppers. You can use a simple plastic snake that you can buy at any hardware store and stick it down into the hairy mess to pull it right out. You might have to twist and turn it a bit but this tool is very effective. If your bathtub stopper is secured to your drain with a silicone adhesive, no need to worry, it is still very easy to unclog your drain by yourself. In fact, many professional plumbers will go through the overflow drain instead. This is also very simple to do. Simply remove the overflow plate with a screwdriver and use your snake down the overflow drain where you should run into any clogged up hair that you can simply pull out.

Protect Your Tub Drain with Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix

Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is an easy to install push-pull bathtub stopper with a mesh grid drain cover that helps to prevent hair and foreign objects from entering the drain. Watco is known for high-quality bathtub plumbing products that are easy to install. You can get the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix from where you can also find quick instructional videos to show you exactly how to install it. offers Watco’s SimpliQuick® Tub Fix, the easiest way to install a beautiful new bathtub drain and stopper without removing your existing drain. This easy to install push-pull stopper is backed by a five-year warranty and the Watco name, known and trusted by professionals. Install your SimpliQuick® Tub Fix today to protect your drain and help prevent hair from accumulating in your bathtub drain.

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