Snap On Tub Overflow Cover


Snap On Tub Overflow Cover

A snap on tub overflow cover provides a very important function to your bathtub by allowing overflowing water to exit the tub rather than flood the bathroom.  This protects your home, flooring and the room below your tub from experiencing water damage. Overflow plates can become tarnished over time and give a dated look to your tub. 

Replacing your tub overflow cover with a new snap on cover is a very easy way to update the look of your tub.  Whether you need to repair, replace or just improve the look of your tub, Watco and have the perfect solution.  This easy to install tub overflow cover does not have the screw holes common in some tub overflow plates for a clean, modern look.    


Innovator Snap On Tub Overflow Cover Features and Benefits


The Innovator Snap On tub overflow cover by Watco provides many features and benefits.  Watco is a name trusted by professionals and known for delivering innovative products which provide reliable, long lasting performance.  Professionals and the DIY homeowner alike recognize Watco as the name for delivering quality and convenience.

This remarkable bathtub overflow plate provides many features and benefits such as:

Simple installation – offers free, easy to follow videos to show you how simple it is to install the snap on overflow cover.  After removing your existing overflow plate, simply secure the black retainer nut behind the adapter bar with one or two existing screws, and snap on the overflow cover.  Be sure the open slot is facing downward. 

Quick installation – installing the snap on overflow is simple and quick with installation in only minutes. 

Easy retrofit – easily replace one or two hole and trip lever overflow plates with the snap on overflow cover. 

Modern look – the snap on overflow cover is sleek with a solid outer appearance free of screw holes for a clean look.

Matching stopper available – add the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix stopper in a matching finish to quickly upgrade the look of your tub and entire bathroom.  Choose from oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel or a shiny chrome plated look. 

The Innovator snap on overflow cover is an excellent addition to any bathtub, whether replacing a broken and corroded plate cover or simply upgrading the look of your tub. We make it as easy as possible to enjoy beautiful and durable tub drain repair products which deliver quality and convenience. offers quality products, video instruction and exceptional customer support.  Your total satisfaction and success with your bathtub improvement is our main concern. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the Watco Innovator Snap On tub overflow cover.

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