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How to Remove Bathtub Stopper


Before you can move forward with your bathtub repair project, the one thing that holds most people up is learning how to remove bathtub stoppers.  This does not have to be as difficult as you may think. shows you the easiest way to remove a bathtub stopper with step-by-step instructional videos.

We also offer the easiest method of installing a new drain and stopper which requires no prep work, no mess, no hassle and no need to call a plumber. The revolutionary SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution from Watco is now available to make your bathtub repair project simple and quick. You can replace your bathtub stopper with a brand-new, shiny mesh drain cover and push pull stopper in only three simple steps.


How to Remove Bathtub Stopper with Easy Replacement


Follow these simple instructions for how to remove a bathtub stopper and watch our easy to follow videos to see first-hand the easiest way to remove and replace your tub stopper.  In most cases, you should need nothing more than a flathead screwdriver and possibly a pair of pliers to remove your current stopper. The most common types of stoppers are a push pull or a lift and turn style, which require just a little elbow grease to get it started.

While holding the base of the stopper in place simply turn the top of the stopper counterclockwise.  If it is too difficult to turn, this is where you may need to use a pair of pliers around a soft rag to turn the knob. Once the top of your stopper is loose, you should be able to pull it straight out.

If it does not pull out, there is probably a set screw underneath the top of the stopper which you can loosen, not remove, and then the stopper should easily come out of the drain.

Now that you have your stopper out of your drain, replacing your tub stopper with the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix solution is as easy as 1-2-3.

1)  Remove your bathtub stopper following our simple instructions, here and in our videos.

2)  Choose your installation method for your new stopper.

SimpliQuick® Tub Fix comes with two installation methods including a reversible post and 3/8-in or 5/16-in to fit the most common drains that have cross bars with threads.


Choose the silicone installation method if your crossbars are broken, non-existent or threads are not working and simply install your new drain and stopper right over your existing drain.

3)  Install your shiny new tub drain and stopper in less than five minutes! sends you everything you need to install your shiny new tub drain and stopper. We provide easy to follow instructional videos and exceptional customer service. Contact us for any questions and for more information on how to remove a bathtub stopper.






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