Quick Fix for a Leaking Bathtub Overflow Tube

Quick Fix for a Leaking Bathtub Overflow Tube

Nothing is more frustrating than filling your tub for a relaxing bubble bath only to realize that your tub is slowly leaking water. There goes your relaxing evening! Oftentimes, a leaky tub can be caused by the overflow tube or drain assembly. The overflow drain is a safeguard that redirects water to the overflow tube in the event the tub overfills with water. This keeps your tub from spilling water over the tub and onto the floor, causing damage to the floor and possibly the ceiling of the room below. While instinct would indicate that the drain may be the culprit, the overflow tube is often the reason for the leak.

Determine the Bathtub Leak’s Origin

You will want to find the point of origin of the bathtub leak so you can better assess the issue to find an effective solution. Look at the floor surrounding your tub for any issues with the grout or caulk. If the grout or caulk is causing the leak, the issue will only arise when you are using the water in the shower or bathtub. If the leak is persistent and happens when the shower or bathtub is not being used, the leak could be caused by a pressurized waterline and not the tub overflow tube. Sometimes you just need to tighten the drain fittings, which can easily be assessed by removing your access panel. This will give you a clear view of the plumbing connected to the bathtub to check for leaks in the piping or tub drain. If you cannot see any faucet leaks when you turn on the tub or shower, the tub overflow tube is most likely the origin of your bathtub leak.

Simply Replace Your Tub Overflow Plate

All you need is a screwdriver to remove your old tub overflow plate and inspect the gasket. Sometimes, the gasket gets brittle or cracked with normal wear and can cause a leak. Simply use a screwdriver to remove your overflow plate and replace the gasket if needed. If you need to replace the tub overflow plate, choose Watco Innovator® Snap-On White Finish Overflow Plate. This kit delivers simple installation and retrofit overflow plates with one or two-hole trip levers. If you decide you want to replace the trip lever stopper, you can choose to seamlessly match your new overflow plate with the SimpliQuick® Tub Fix White Finish for a cohesive finished look for the entire bathtub. FixMyDrain.com is a premier online retailer that features top-quality Watco tub plumbing supplies like tub overflow plates, tub drain parts, and tub replacement stoppers. Watco is known for delivering high-quality products that are simple to install, no matter what your skill level. Contact us to learn more about how simple replacing your tub’s overflow plate can be.
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