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Like Rick says, “Fix your drain yourself
and stay out of the doghouse!”
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your SimpliQuick Tub Fix! 

Tired of that old, ugly bathtub drain? Why complain or wait for someone to fix it when you can do it yourself in just 5 minutes! has the solution!

There’s no need for frustration or arguing because the Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix is easy to install! It goes right on top of the existing drain—even one with broken crossbars! There’s no mess, no fuss and you won’t need to call a plumber because you don’t need to remove the old drain. Save time, money and maybe even your relationship with this smart solution that features a push pull stopper and a grid strainer that fits over any tub drain!

Order Watco SimpliQuick® Tub Fix here


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Does your bathroom sink drain no longer hold water overnight? Are you at risk for losing an earring down the drain? has a smart, fix-it-yourself solution!

The Watco IdealLav® Lavatory Drain features a drop-in, one-piece design that makes it far easier to install than traditional two-piece drains. You can do it yourself and not only will the stopper hold water overnight, but the grid strainer will guard against hair and earrings disappearing down the drain.

Order Watco's IdealLav lavatory drain here

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Order Watco's Patented
Innovator Overflow Kit 

FYI - This overflow kit is included when
a SimpliQuick Tub Fix 
with Overlfow purchase!

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Other Watco Choice of
Professionals "bath drain products" for
your next DIY bathtub project:

Watco Flex916 or Flex 924 Flexible
Complete Bath Waste
Eliminating offsets!

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Watco 900 Series Complete Bath Waste 
No Screws!

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Watco 901 Series 1/2 Kit Bath Waste
Perfect for high-volume projects! 

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