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FixMyDrain.com is here to help simplify your bathtub or lavatory sink drain repair, replace or upgrade experience! Are you tired of trying to figure out how to take your old, worn-out drain out and locate the correct drain diameter, fine or coarse thread count, the depth of the drain and on and on?

Transform your old bath drain in three easy steps with the SimpliQuick Tub Fix! Make your tub shiny and new today. We even show you how to remove the most-common bathtub stoppers in your existing drain. See video below.

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The Watco IdealLav lavatory sink drain is a o
ne-piece, drop-in lavatory drain for simple installatoin and also includes a replaceable grid strainer and below-the-grid stopper. This is the only lavatory drain to include both a replaceable grid strainer and internal stopper. The Internal stopper will even hold water overnight.

Clogs will be a thing of the past as it includes a removable grid strainer that will keep jewelry, hair and other foreign objects out of your drain.

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